Super Stainless

Super Stainless

Super Stainless” – Making Stainless Look Super!!

“Super Stainless”, Stainless Steel Cleaner and Protector – the easy and effective way to remove unsightly rust staining and corrosion from your  marine grade stainless steel leaving your stainless spotless.

Contrary to widespread belief stainless steel is not actually stain free and rust staining and corrosion can, and does, occur on the surface.

Super Stainless, a water based, non toxic, biodegradable, stainless steel cleaning solution, is specifically formulated to remove those unsightly rust stains and corrosion from your stainless fittings, cleaning and protecting them from further attack on board your boat. Super Stainless ™, stainless steel rust remover, is simple and easy to use and leaves your stainless spotlessly clean and protected.

Super Stainless complies with the latest “Global Harmonisation System” regulations on labelling and packaging (EC) No:1272/2008 (CLP) now enforced in many countries worldwide enabling products to be legally distributed within those countries.

How It Works

Super Stainless works by a gentle chemical reaction. To use, simply brush on – leave for 45 minutes, longer in cooler weather or for severe staining, while Super Stainless gently neutralises and absorbs the staining and rinse off.


Where To Buy

Super Stainless is available from many chandlers across the UK , Channel Islands, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Korea, Malaysia and The Seychelles, please see our stockists list.


We all have questions or are interested in learning more; hopefully our Frequently Asked Questions section will be able to answer most of yours.

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To see what results are achievable by using  Super Stainless on your rust stained fittings please see here…..

Superstainless Demonstration Video

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