Super Stainless


Frequently Asked Questions.

1.  I spilled some Super Stainless on the fibreglass around the fitting I was treating, will this do any damage?

 No. Super Stainless – stainless steel rust remover is safe to use on the fibreglass surrounding the fitting to be treated, if fact where rust staining has leached out from the fitting discolouring the surrounding fibreglass Super Stainless can be applied to remove the rust staining. In this case Super Stainless will clean the fibreglass area very well and may show up much cleaner than the surrounding fibreglass. This is not damage caused by Super Stainless but merely shows how dirty the fibreglass actually is as Super Stainless will have cleaned the surface it has been applied to. Super Stainless is safe to use on most surfaces however we always recommend you test on a small area and on the surrounding materials first. It may not be suitable for some aluminium and plastic surfaces. Remember to keep Super Stainless moist on the surface being treated.


 2.   I have recently had a new fitting welded onto my stern rail and the area around the weld is discoloured, will Super Stainless remove this discolouration.

 No. Super Stainless is only designed to remove rust staining on marine grade stainless steel, this discolouration is probably caused by a heat build up locally whilst welding causing a burning of the area.


 3.   I applied Super Stainless to my stem head fitting first thing this morning and it is taking ages to work even though the temperature on my car thermometer is reading above 18 degrees, why is this?

 Whilst the air temperature may well be above 18 degrees the temperature of your stem head fitting will probably be well below this as it will take considerably longer to heat up during the day. The cooler temperature of the fitting will extend the working time required by Super Stainless.


4.   Can I use Super Stainless on my stainless steel around the house such as pots and pans?

 Super Stainless in specifically designed for use on high quality marine grade stainless steel only and should not be used on inferior quality stainless steel such as those as found in the catering industry. Whilst it can remove the rust from such material it is likely there will be lasting damage caused by the rust in the form of pitting on the surface.


5.   How long will the protection from Super Stainless last?

 The protection afforded by Super Stainless will be dependent on two factors, firstly the conditions the fittings are subsequently exposed to, so if the fitting are exposed to a hot, high salt content environment they will show rust signs sooner than if they are exposed to a cooler fresh water environment. Secondly, there are different grades of marine stainless steel and the higher the grade the better the protection.

After using Super Stainless you can apply a quality wax which will add further protection to the fittings treated. Please wait 24 hours before applying any wax coatings as the passivation process continues to work after Super Stainless has been washed from the surface.


6.   Does Super Stainless contain any abrasives as found in many metal polishes?

 No. Super Stainless works purely by a chemical reaction and the product needs to be allowed time to “work”. Please do not scrub or rub at Super Stainless during the working time. After applying Super Stainless to fittings it really is best to get on with another task on-board as “a watched pot never boils”.


7.    Does Super Stainless contain hydrochloric acid?.

 No. Super Stainless is a non-toxic, biodegradable, stainless steel cleaner and rust removing agent which does not contain any harmful hydrochloric, muratic or oxalic acids.


8.   I have some Super Stainless left over in my application container can I return it to the original bottle.

 No. Never return used Super Stainless to the original bottle as it can contaminate and render the remainder of the bottle unusable.



What personal care should I take when applying Super Stainless ?

 Always, always wear your PPE (personal protection equipment, ie: goggles, gloves etc) when handling any chemical, its good practice!. Every persons skin can react differently to different chemicals, some people can even be allergic to particular brands of washing powders therefore it is important to always wear your PPE.

10.  What regulations, if any, does Super Stainless meet?

Super Stainless meets or exceeds all the current regulations worldwide. Super Stainless is manufactured under ISO 9001 ensuring full quality control, it meets the criteria laid down in (EC) No. 648/2004 on detergent cleaners, it also complies with the latest “Global Harmonisation System” regulation on labelling and packaging (EC) No:1272/2008 (CLP) now enforced in many countries worldwide enabling  products to be legally distributed within those countries

See our First Aid measures on the “Application Manual” page.



All information and specifications correct at time of press and subject to change.

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