Super Stainless

How It Works

Stainless Steel doesn’t rust, right ? — WRONG!!!

We all are led to believe that because stainless steel is called stainless that it remains free of stains including rust staining! However this is simply not the case. Stainless Steel can and does rust; even top quality marine grade stainless steel can become rust stained given the correct conditions.

Stainless steel is a chromium/nickel alloy found in many applications including marine use. Stainless steel relies on a process called passivation to stop it from rusting, this is where a protective oxide film forms on the surface and seals it to prevent it from rusting. This film is quite thin and can wear off. When stainless steel goes through the original passivation process it involves washing the metal in a mild acidic solution, this cleans the metal and allows the rich oxide layer to form protecting it from further staining. Super Stainless mimics this process cleaning off all rust stains and contaminants and allowing the protective oxide layer to form.

A typical method to clean stainless steel is use a metal polish, usually containing abrasives to physically wear away the staining followed by a protective wax layer. This is both time consuming and labour intensive and quite frankly not how the original passivation process is carried out.

Using Super Stainless is by far an easier approach and as close to the original process that can be achieved in the field. Simply brush on some Super Stainless to the affected area, leave for 45  minutes, longer in cooler weather, and wash off with a sponge and fresh water. In heavily stained cases it may take several applications to achieve the desired shiny stainless. Super Stainless not only removes the nasty looking rust from your stainless steel fittings it also removes the contaminants that caused the rust in the first instance thereby protecting your stainless fittings from further rusting.

 By using Super Stainless on all your stainless steel fittings you can greatly extend their life.

Super Stainless is a stainless steel cleaning and passivating gel formula that leaves behind a protective layer helping to prevent further staining and rusting on stainless steel. It will keep your stainless looking Super and increase its useful lifespan.

For full application instructions please see our comprehensive application manual here.

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